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It is only with local SEO services for small business that you can take your business a level up than your competitors. Take your business closer to the targeted audiences let them find your business while on the go. CTCINFO will add geo location of your business to the search engine listing so that your business becomes visible for mobile customers.

Creative Tech Center will help your business in the following ways

Increased web traffic

Local search engine optimization services will give your business the edge it needs to perform in the competitive market. There are many companies in the fray but you have an opportunity to get visible for the business looking for the business like yours in specific geographic location.

Stay competitive

Target customers passing through the geographic area you serve will see your business in search results. In this way, you will stay competitive with the help of local SEO services. In other words, you can give tough competition to the businesses that operate globally.

Repeat business

Once local customers know that you are there to help, they will look no further than your business for buying products or service you offer. Also, the customers from other areas will visit your business when passing through your geographic location. Local SEO services Delhi will make it possible for your business.

Build trust and reliability

Customers rely on search results and SEO is the only way to come up on search result pages. Figuring high on search results will increase your reliability. Your business will be seen competing with those that are big brands in the global market. A local SEO company in India can make it possible.

Reduce advertising costs

According to a study on online marketing, it is found that most customers click the “near me” search option. And they visit the businesses that are closest. If your business figures in local search, you will have the advantage of becoming the first choice. Here a local SEO service provider can help.

Get customers ready to buy

Customers that search nearby options are more likely to give business than those that search information globally. Most people go for local results only when they want to buy products and services. It is how local services in India help businesses.

Creative Tech Center has local SEO packages for startups and every business that works in a specific geographic location. Also, we offer customized services to suit individual needs of businesses.

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  • SEO Analysis
  • Initial Google Ranking Report
  • Keywords Research
  • Page Optomization
  • Monthly Report
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Optimizing Your Website
  • Optimizing HTML Code
  • Google Webmaster Tools Analysis
  • Monthly Report
  • PDF Submission
  • Implementation of header tags


  • Optimizing Images
  • Optimizing Anchor Tag
  • Creating Sitemaps (XML & HTML)
  • Directory Submission
  • Local Directory Submission
  • Website URLs Submission
  • Blog URLs Submission
  • Monthly Google Analytics Summary
  • Video Submission
  • Graphics Submission
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SEO will help you boost the quality and quantity of your website traffic. When you increase your website’s traffic, you earn more valuable leads in your area, leading to more conversions for your business, which enables your business to grow.

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What is the difference between SEO and SEM?

We can say that SEO is subset of Search engine marketing. Generally both are important as SEO process is to create many backlinks towards your site and SEM is the paid marketing related to your targeted audiance.

What is on-page SEO?

On page SEO is a big factor to make your website seo friendly and very close to search engine compatable. It is important to have quality content and quality links for each web page.

How SEO cost is define ?

Well as per my mind SEO cost is defined by the strategy you follow related to your targeted audiance sometimes it may high and sometimes it is very less cost.

In short, we can accurately predict that the average SEO expert takes charge between 800-1000 rs per keyword.

What is the importance of backlinks?

Backlinks may me in the form of outbond links and referal links which is to be very important for promoting your website through search engine. It must be of higher domain authority and age authority as well.

What is an SEO analysis?

SEO analysis is starting phase while doing SEO. We check all possible terms that they are in wrong way or right way if they are wrong then they needs to be modified so that the website health improves in search engines areas.

Is internal links important and how many internal links should be use?

Its depend on you and the content length also. you can five 3 to 4 links internally within paragraph or keywords. Internal link is very important factor in search engine as well as external links.

What is SEO work flow?

SEO is a technique by which we can improve our website ranking with various search queries. It helps to generate traffic form many search engines.

Is sitemap imporatant for SEO?

In simple words, a sitemap is overall structure for your webpages and for search engines it can be in form of XML. HTML site map is for user purpose.Site map is very important factor while doing seo.

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