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Celebrity is a personality with a large following that could be anyone from a sports person, singer, stage actor, film actor or anyone who is popular among masses. And if you want a celebrity to work for your business, you can look for celebrities marketing services in India.

CTCINFO is the right company to join hands with and allow the agency to find the right celebrity for your business. We have rich experience of working with celebrities and we know how to match talent with needs. Being a leading celebrity marketing agency, we can assure that you will get the best results.

Celebrity Endorsement

It is a big push for a business like yours and it hardly matters whether your business is a startup or it is a small or medium business. You need celebrity endorsement even if your business is established. If a celebrity endorses your business, you can rest assured that the endorsement will reaffirm your brand in the market. With our celebrity marketing company working for your brand, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Celebrities charge a huge fee

It is true that hiring a celebrity will cost a price but it will be too early to say anything about the investment. Let’s find the right person for your brand and calculate the cost of marketing so that we can give a final quote for your consideration. And we promise that you won’t find it expensive. Our celebrity branding agency will cater to your financial concern.

Guide your celebrity

How to make a celebrity work is a challenge. Famous people don’t take instructions from others but you will want the person writing for your business to be well aware about your business, competition, competitors and marketing trends. But you can rely on us. Being the most reliable celebrity marketing company in India, we have a plan for working with celebrities.


The biggest advantage of celebrity endorsement is that they have familiarity with the brand they promote. Or you can say that it is advertising agencies that make sure that the celebrities are familiar with the brands they are promoting. And our celebrity marketing agency does this job in a perfect manner.


We will monitor that you get expected results. We have rich experience of working with celebrities and our track record of providing expected results is quite high. You can check our clientele and testimonials of our celebrity marketing company.

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